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Originally known as EarthViewer 3D before Google purchased the rights in 2004, Google Earth caught the public's imagination as soon as it was repackaged and released under its new moniker in 2005. Presenting itself as a 3D virtual globe, map and geographical information system, the breathtaking views that it allows the user to see where a huge reason for its immediate success. Users are able to view cities and houses from above - pretty much at a bird's eye view - though high resolution images.

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Google Earth has evolved to a program that can offer detailed 3D viewings of cities and towns the world over, from India to America, Germany to Japan, whereas previously it was limited to just a handful, with the rest only viewable via 2D. A global phenomenon, it relies on user cooperation and the submission of users’ PHOTOGRAPHS via 3D modelling software for some of its photographs of land structures, such as buildings and monuments. The virtual globe itself is created and sustained by means of superimposed earth images that are taken from satellite photography.

Google Earth has more functional uses too. Aside from being a source of entrainment and awe-inspired curiosity, Google have constantly added new features that offer invaluable information to tourists, drivers, and anyone who is simply lost in a new city. For tourists, there are places of interests, for drivers there are colour-coded networks.

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Although the software has come under heavy criticism for posing threats to national security, as well as being an overall invasion or privacy, it has proven to be increasingly popular. There exists both a free and a paid version, with the paid version priced at $400 a year. It is compatible with most platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux.


Intuitive Easy to use

A multitude of inventive features

Allows the user to ‘travel back in time’ and view historical places of interest

Works on real-time views

Compatible with Google Street View and Google Maps

New features include Google Moon


The paid version is highly expensive

Technical support is limited

Incompatible with Windows 7

A lot of controversy still surrounds it

It continues to be blocked in numerous middle-eastern nations

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